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¿Who Are We?

Jesus Gomez

The result of all this was the transformation of a small family business
into what we are today:

a solvent company with a solid and valuable structure.

A little bit of History

Jesús Gómez S.L. is a family owned
company founded in 1992 by Jesús Gómez
himself in Spain, more specifically in the city
of Valencia.
We specialize in the selection and utilization
of the most sophisticated fragrances and
essences, based on the quality, authenticity
and know-how of the artisanal production of
cosmetics and air freshening, providing an
exquisite alternative for personal care and
the Jesús Gómez, CEO & Founder
creation of environments


As of 2005, the company has been through some important changes; the arrival of a new generation of workers and the hiring of young professionals have strengthened the corporate structure, still maintaining the spirit of a family-owned company.
Making the best of the quick growth the company was experiencing and the potential
provided by the solid foundations upon which the company was built, a new strategy was

The focus of these changes was the modernization and the restructuring of our departments with the goal of enhancing our competitiveness and thus adapting to the changes imposed by the market.

¿What We Do?

Antigua Botiga

La Antigua Botica

With this line, we bring back the traditions of
old perfumery and natural cosmetics, using
only the purest raw materials and essential
oils; shower gels, moisturizing body lotions,
bath salts...
Natural Kids

Natural Kids

This line was created for the care of children’s
delicate skin, completely allergen and
paraben free. Body lotions, bath gels,
shampoos... Not tested on animals.


The consumers’ growing interest in natural products and their rejection of synthetic products have driven us to develop a line of affordable body care; soaps, otions, creams... Especially designed for large retail shops. Careful selection of fragrances and raw materials.


Carefully selected fragrance products made to provide maximum well-being for the home; reed diffusers air fresheners, perfumed envelopes, pottery... Enthralling long-lasting fragrances.
La atencion esta en los detalles
Cestas de baño

Bath Baskets

Wide range of gift sets.

100% made in Spain. The sets’ design and exclusivity make them unique. Excellent quality-price ratio.

La Casa de los Aromas
This line represents what defines us as a trademark. Everyday products: candles, lip balms, shower gels, hand creams... We focus on an excellent quality-price ratio, combined with a careful and fun presentation that rejects conventional design, thus setting us apart from the mass market image.

La Casa de los Aromas
Full Of Personality

As an added value, we offer the option of customizing the product, thus adapting to the specific needs of each client.

¿How we do it?


The Facilities

The facilities encompass a total surface of 10.000 square meters.
In our production plant, we make and handle 90% of the products in our catalogue.
The production and commercialization process is carried out under the strictest quality controls, as we select the best raw materials and offer our clients products that suit their needs.
At the moment, we have a work team of 60 employees, a number that has been progressively growing since the company was founded and most of these employees have been with us for more than 15 years.
I + D

I + D

Our i+d team works with the purest raw materials,
ingredients that offer an added value and make
for high quality products. We carry out tests on a
regular basis with the goal of improving our
products’ efficiency and quality.

ISO 9001

Innovate Logistics

We have an advanced automated picking system which is ideal in terms of storage, management, safety and stock control.
This system means an improvement in productivity, optimizing the available space and making it easier to locate the products, which translates into a reduction in costs and in the delivery time of merchandise, that doesn’t exceed 48 hours.

¿Where are We?

Facturacion mundial en crecimiento

Controlled growth

*numbers in millions of €

Facturacion de 11 millones de euros We maintain a constant evolution with a limitless expansion, both nation-wide and internationally.

We closed 2014 with a revenue of 13 million euros and we are expanding to new markets every day.

We transfer far

Our clients: wholesalers, large stores and
perfume store chains.

Very far

Our products can be found in more than 35 countries; this translates into 30% of our revenue and growing.

Germany, Belgium, Brzail, Canada, China, United States, France, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Turkey...

Our goal

We want to grow without losing sight of our
values and the essence of a family-owned
business, applying productive systems to the
know-how of traditional production so that
we may be able to offer a FAIR alternative.



Jesús Gómez, s.l.
Germanells, 8 · 46138 Rafelbunyol, Valencia, España
Tel.: 96 141 04 36 - Fax: 96 141 04 43

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